Gentohealthcare foundation (GHCF). Is  an NGO formed by a group of young people from diverse field of work in Cameroon. The creation of GHCF is to provide medical and health needs to the less privilage population in the Southwest and Northwest Region of Cameroon  

Our Story

Growing up as children, each of us has experience the lost of a loved one or witness the lost of a life to sicknesses, diseases and accident. These people died not because there were no remedy or medical facilities but because they and their families were not financially able to pay for medical service fee upfront, so they were left unattended to medically or medical treatment was put on hold due to finance.


What we do

We provide medical services that are highly subsidize by the donations of people of good will 

We carryout community sensitization. A door to door approach where we educate the community on the importance of health, personal and environmental hygiene, first aid and the advantages of a healthy lifestyle 

We provide medical counseling to encourage patient and their family member while in this down time of their lives.